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Patrick’s entrepreneurial background in development, manufacturing, and marketing began in 1998 with the development of Indiviniti custom tailored clothing, manufactured in Hong Kong and in the U.S.A.

He co-founded Municipal Wholesale Telecom, Inc. (MWT, Inc.) in 2002 as CEO, an independent telecommunications broker-consulting firm, operating in an agent capacity with the top 25 U.S. telecom companies in the local and long distance markets, data, Internet and VoIP technologies, providing services to municipalities and the private sector.

MWT, Inc. enlarged its scope in 2003 to include financial advisory services, business development of consumable products, and tech startups. The consumable product’s manufacturing & tech development division includes:

Specialty cosmetic skin care creams containing FDA regulated pharmaceutical drugs, requiring chemistry formulation & synthesizing, manufacturing, outsourcing, clinical trials, consumer testing, art design, labeling, packaging, marketing & distribution;

Text to Speech synthetic voice technology, invention & patenting with USPTO;

Plastic injection molded medical devices requiring invention, conception, design, CAD/CAM, SLA modeling, structural tolerance testing, product testing, manufacturing;

E-Learning tech startup, invention & patenting with USPTO, currently in development.

Patrick has extensive experience registering trademarks, patenting product inventions, press releases, video news releases, television advertising, magazine advertising, affiliate advertising programs, media distribution, systems design, software development, website development, art conception, photography, and illustration.

Patrick has appeared on FOX News Channel, CBS, NBC, and ABC, as well as speaking at Cal State University on business development and management, marketing strategies, conception, design, manufacturing, financial planning, market research, and contract negotiations.

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